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Drive past either of our shops during opening hours and you will see the energy of a thriving fish and chip shop. Whether it’s a wet winter Wednesday or a sizzling summer Saturday, there will always be plenty of customers through our doors ready to sample our famous fish and chips and some of Allan’s friendly banter.

Inside our award winning restaurants at any given time there is likely to be mums enjoying a relaxing coffee as the little ones tuck into a freshly prepared healthy meal, friends chatting around the table over a delicious nibble and families collecting made to order takeaways in our branded brown paper bags.

Today, Shillingfords boasts a booming scene that attracts chip-hungry customers from across the country, but our beginnings were a little more humble...

In 1998 it was time for a change - Allan’s stamp is printed...

Seeing the highs and lows of running a fish and chip shop sparked a determination for success in Allan – he didn’t want to just ‘get by’; he wanted to run the most successful fish and chip shop in the area. And he knew that being the best meant going above and beyond what other chip shops were doing and employing the kind of staff who shared his passion for excellence.

Through his engagement with customers, Allan discovered that he had a naturally welcoming way with people – a way that made customers smile and feel happy; a way that made customers feel valued. It was only natural that when Allan’s parents took a step back in 1998 that an enthusiastic and highly motivated Allan would add his own stamp to a newly refurbished shop.

To be the best you have to be no.1...

From 1998 to 2006 the Shillingfords made it their mission to build the most successful chip shop in Neath. In a bid to showcase their future success, the Shillingfords renamed the shop as ‘No.1 Fish Bar’ and recruited a fresh team of highly motivated staff.

The Shillingfords knew that being the best meant going above and beyond what other chip shops were doing and employing the kind of staff who shared his passion for excellence. Al’s Cafe had laid the foundations and now it was time to move forward with the changing times.

A Blessing in disguise...

By 2006, newlyweds Allan and Kirsty had employed a solid team of staff and the No 1 Fish Bar was making a name for itself as one of the best fish and chip shops in the area. But the premises couldn’t accommodate their big ideas. When the Local Housing Authority bought the chip shop around this time, the ambitious couple decided to turn a negative situation into a positive... and the Shillingfords brand was about to emerge.

Building the dream...

With an empty shell of a new premises on their hands (and while still working the final weeks at the No 1 Fish Bar), the Shillingfords began their transformation from small-time chippy to award winning fish and chip shop! State of the art equipment was set up, flat screen TV’s were hung on the walls and a bright, fresh and modern eatery was born (along with the couple’s twin girls!).

A new and improved menu complimented this brand new vibrant shop and it wasn’t long before the word spread and excited customers started to swarm through the glossy new doors.

With much of Kirsty's new influence and some of Kirsty's family members now joining the ever growing 'Shillingfords' team but still with many original staff members from the No1 fish bar days, the business has grown from strength to strength with lots of more exciting ideas to come!

Bigger team, bigger ideas....

Our story and how it all began..

Wales welcomes the Shillingfords and Al’ s cafe is born...

It was way back in 1989 when the Shillingford family packed up

their Yorkshire lives and headed down to South Wales to open a brand new fish and chip shop. Naming their new chippy, ‘Al’s Cafe’, the Shillingfords grafted to build a respectable business in the area. But times were not always easy and a young Allan took on many jobs to contribute to the family, including helping to build the M4- carrying Briton Ferry Bridge.