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Fish & Chips Facts. In Britain we consume over 382 million portions of fish and chips every year

Fish and chips on the beach, a chippy supper, chips from the paper ...whichever way you and your family love them, there’s something special about the homely taste of chip shop chips.


There are loads of things that are extra special about the fish and chips at Shillingfords!

If you think you’ve eaten scrumptious chips then wait until your taste buds experience our locally grown and daily prepped British potatoes!

If you think you’ve sampled first class food then wait until you enjoy our MSC certified fish from the arctic water of the North Atlantic.

Fish and chips...the heart of traditional British food... and the passion of Shillingfords.

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Natural crispy batter... chunky, pure white flaky fish.... complemented by fluffy chips and homemade mushy peas..

Mmm...there’s nothing else like it!

Guilt-free food for the entire family

There’s a reason why we’re one of only a few chip shops

in the country that are MSC certified and hold the prestigious Quality award. We hold both at our Melyn shop.

Forget feeling that wave of guilt every time you cave in to you or your children’s tummies’ desires; now you can enjoy authentic and mouth-watering fish and chips the healthier way!

Our no nasties promise means we have built strong relationships with the best local farmers, oil manufacturers and fisheries to ensure that all our produce meets our impeccable standards.

From our additive-free oil and natural batter to our daily deliveries of local potatoes and fresh fish, we are committed to researching and sourcing the highest quality ingredients for you - our valued customers.

 You can even discover how many calories are in your fish and chips. We take great pride in everything we do and work to provide value with our local community in mind.

See how the local schools got on when they visited our shop on a school trip!

Fish and Chips Facts. Fish and chips provide a third of the recommended allowance of vitamins for a man and almost half for a woman. An average portion of fish, peas and chips contains only 7.3% fat (of which only 2.8% is saturated).This compares with 10.8% fat in a single pork pie and 16.8 grams found in the average tuna and mayo sandwich..

Here are three other really important reasons to choose MSC certified fish:

1: You can eat with confidence

In order to be MSC certified, fisheries must be independently assessed by scientists and marine experts to ensure they meet and maintain MSC standards for environmentally sustainable fishing. All restaurants must ensure that MSC certified fish is not mixed with uncertified products and can be traced back to a certified fishery.

2: You will be helping the entire ecosystem

MSC certified fisheries are not only concerned about fish! Each fishery minimises their impact on the marine environment to ensure healthy oceans for the future

3: You will be helping a large proportion of the world’s population.

Oceans are home to an incredible diversity of life and support the livelihoods of 1/10 of the global population! Our oceans need to be safeguarded and MSC certified fish helps to do this.

The future of traditional fish and chips

Whether you’re feeding yourself or your family, you want to be sure that the food you choose is the healthier option as well as taste bud tantalisingly delicious!

We Brits love the irreplaceable taste of fish and chips - whether it’s for convenience, a well-deserved treat or you simply can’t get enough of them!

But when you eat from Shillingfords, you have the reassurance that the ingredients in your meals have been thoroughly researched and locally sourced.

Do something incredible by choosing Shillingfords

Only seven fish and chips shops in Wales are MSC certified and two of these shops are ours...

We’re super proud of this, but what does being MSC certified mean to you, our valued customers?

Because the MSC recognises and rewards sustainable fishing, our delicious, frozen at sea MSC fish can be traced right back to the boat it was caught by. By choosing to eat fish that comes from a sustainable source you are helping to make sure that your children and their children always enjoy the healthy seafood that we love.

Oceans are home to an incredible diversity of life and support the livelihoods of 1/10 of the global population! Our oceans need to be safeguarded and MSC certified fish helps to do this.

Be proud to be part of something amazing..

To finish with a quality product, you must start with a quality product – that is our ethos when it comes to selecting the ingredients for our menus..

And there’s a reason why people travel miles to visit our award winning restaurants...

Because we work day and night to set the standard for British fish and chips.

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